Get Your Students Excited About Remote Learning. Build an Effective Virtual Classroom Today With Broadcast-Quality Content!

The key to keeping your students’ attention is quality content. Students are inundated with video content on a daily basis – from social media, to television and movies. If you’re not giving your students broadcast-quality content, you will lose their attention immediately.

We’ve created a broadcast-quality solution that is simple to use and affordable. Connect with students at a new level and easily transform your live and recorded presentations into intimate and exciting online courses and tutorials that are the future of virtual education.

With Streamed EZ, you can create an enhanced remote and virtual learning experience with high-quality content for use on video platforms like Zoom and more. You can bring in multiple cameras, document cameras, laptops, and add titles and amazing graphics for your lessons with an easy to use, affordable streaming solution.

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Your Online Classes Could Easily Look Like This!

Why Streamed EZ Bundles?

The Streamed EZ live streaming, video conferencing, and lecture capture integration bundles include everything that instructors need to start presenting, recording, and live streaming – featuring a media processor, up to 4 cameras, and connectivity accessories.

We’ve created a variety of affordable and easy to use, prepackaged streaming solutions that allow you to get started streaming in the classroom and beyond with a Streamed EZ bundle starting at $4,830 MSRP!


  • All-in-1 media processor that supports recording, and live streaming at 1080p or 4K.
  • Stand-alone appliance that allows you to switch, store, and stream + manage multiple cameras + add graphic overlays, and mix in effects.
  • Supports popular streaming platforms and content management systems such as Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, YouTube, Facebook, Kaltura, and Panopto.
  • Includes up to 1 hour of remote setup and training.

Want to see TriCaster Mini 4K details?

TC Mini 4K

What’s In It For Your School?

The Streamed EZ bundles are basically “ready to go” streaming packages that include a base media processor, camera(s), cables, as well as remote configuration and operational training support by JB&A. The Streamed EZ ROOM and CLASS bundles also include commercial-grade LCD displays with everything shipping together.

Streamed EZ Class bundle Flyers 1600-900WANT MORE INFORMATION?

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Streamed EZ bundles include:

NewTek TriCaster Mini HD4i

NewTek TriCaster Mini is a TV studio in a box. It can switch, store, and stream. Allows you to manage multiple cameras, as well as add graphic overlays, and mix in effects.

NewTek NDI HX 4K Camera

Each Streamed EZ bundle comes with at least 1 PTZ Camera and up to 3 PTZ Cameras.

Each bundle includes three types of cabling to make the system work.

  • Ethernet cables to connect all of the gear to the network
  • HDMI cables to connect the processor to displays
  • USB cables for the HDMI capture card (not included in NDI bundles)

Additional cabling or extenders can be added as needed.

For those who want a fully turn-key bundle, we have the Streamed EZ ROOM, ROOM DELUXE, and CLASS bundles with Christie commercial LCD displays ranging from 55” up to 98” in.

The bundles ship complete and JB&A provides remote setup and operational training.