If you are a school or a corporation, we can help simplify video streaming for your organization. With the best technology and team to help get your broadcast on the web and keep communication open, JB&A is the expert partner you need for video communication.

Communication is a Powerful Tool

In today’s climate, being in person isn’t always possible – so using video is a powerful tool to to stay informed and connected with your audience and staff. If you’re a school, video will allow you to continue teaching, or just connect with students and parents when they are away from school.

Video Allows You To:

  • Stay Connected: Make sure your staff can work as a team not miss a beat.
  • Stay Informed: Ensure that your audience has the latest most import information.
  • Stay Educated: Online learning allows you to teach remotely so no class is ever missed.


JB&A has the right technology and experts to help you make the correct decision on the tools that will work best for your organization. Our video solutions can take your content from the conference room, and deliver it to digital signage, and to every desk in the building – so no one will ever miss the meeting or the message. We even offer solutions for reaching employees and staff who work remotely.

work remotely


We have Video Streaming Solutions to encode, record, manage, and distribute content for:

  • Schools
  • Corporations
  • House of Worship
  • Government entities

distance learning

Our video solutions tackle the tough problems:

  • Corporate video communications
  • Distance learning for schools
  • Church streaming
  • Online meetings and public hearings
  • Content management and signage

Solutions you may be looking for:

  • Reaching students and staff who are remote
  • Live video streaming – one to many
  • Video on-demand
  • Video streaming to mobile devices
  • Private video portals
  • Live audience chat
  • In video quizzing and assessments
  • Live video production software and hardware


Lets get started with a rundown of what you need to stream your video. You will need to choose a camera out of the many options available, as well as a microphone so that everyone can hear you. If you want to make dynamic presentations, you should look at getting a video mixer. And for online video, you will need a streaming encoder.

Lumens camera


Robotic PTZ cameras allow a single operator to run the cameras remotely — plus, they can fit in tighter spaces.

Handheld or Tripod Mounted cameras are a great choice as well – especially if it has a built in mic or the ability to add one.

Most important is the Video Signal – there are three types: SDI, HDMI, IP. On the newer cameras, ethernet and wireless can connect the camera to the network.


camera mic

Microphones are necessary and the best mic is the one you already own, whether it is handheld or wireless. If your camera has a microphone built in, you can use it. For more than one mic, or if your video broadcasting system only has one input, then you will also need an audio mixer. However, we need to make sure we can get that into the encoder.


If you are going to use more than one camera, or want to make your presentation more dynamic, then you should look at adding a mixer. Video mixers allow you to switch between multiple sources, add graphics and presentations (like Powerpoint), mix between multiple cameras, and even operate robotic cameras. Many of them record and stream – as well solving several problems at once so you can get your message out easier than ever.


live stream

Solutions today allow small to large groups to stay connected over video. However, they still offer a limited experience. JB&A Solutions can enhance platforms like: Zoom, WebEx, GoToMeeting, Skype (for Business), Teams, Lifesize, Blue Jeans, Google Hangouts, Poly, etc. – elevating them to a more enhanced, dynamic viewing experience.


JB&A’s Streaming Solutions

Now you are ready to choose a platform to stream on. In order to start streaming though, you need an encoder – that is what streams the video out to the web. If it is not built in, we need to ensure its compatible with your other gear and where you want to stream. ( download flyer )

Stream with security to anyone, anywhere, on any device:vimeo software

  • Vimeo Software in the cloud.

Stream via YouTube Live or Facebook Live to students, employees, clients, etc. wherever they are and on any device:

  • NewTek TriCasterNewTek TriCaster is a TV studio in a box. It can switch, store, and stream + manage multiple cameras + add graphic overlays, and mix in effects.
  • Telestream WirecastTelestream Wirecast can be run from a laptop.
    Wirecast Gear is a ready-to-run production appliance.
    Switch, store, and stream + manage multiple cameras
    Lumens + add graphic overlays + mix in effects.
  • Lumens VisionCapture System is a straight forward streaming solution that can switch, record, and stream + manage multiple cameras.


remote service

Technology is complicated, so let us demystify it for you. Our team can evaluate and make suggestions to help you choose the right tools – from simple to complex applications. Our engineers can remotely train you and configure your system to get your event started.

Our Solutions can be used to stream live or save content for later viewing on YouTube and Facebook Live, or on Vimeo for a controlled viewing experience.

These and many other Streaming Bundles and Video Solutions are In Stock and Ready to Ship.
If you are in a hurry, we get it.

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Lumens VisionCapture System
TriCaster Mini
Telestream WirecastGear System

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